Crimes of Fashion

Crocs: the biggest fashion crime of 2008 – official!


Back on New Year’s Eve, we asked you to vote for the biggest fashion crime of 2008. Then we promptly forgot all about it. Whoops.

The poll has been running ever since, though, and we can now announce that we have a clear winner. Ladies and gentlemen of the Fashion Police Jury, the biggest fashion crime of 2008, as voted by YOU, was…. CROCS!

Yes, for the second year running, Crocs were your most loathed item of clothing/footwear, and it’s not hard to see why. We may have thought their popularity had started to fade, but clearly your dislike of them has not! Crocs polled 20.7% of the total vote, with the second-place fashion crime, harem pants, polling 18.5%. See the results in full under the jump…


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