Crocs make high heels out of plastic. Fashion Police weep.

Crocs Our thanks to Fashion Police Officer Megan for calling in this fresh fashion offense from the world of Crocs.

Now, we already knew that Crocs had been making high heels, and it was with some surprise that we had noted that the high heels Crocs had been making didn’t completely suck. It’s one step forwards, two steps back for the company that loves plastic,though, and their latest foray into the world of shoes that aren’t clogs involves… plastic. Of course.

Crocs say that these shoes will "spice up any fashionista’s wardrobe". We say, "No. No. they won’t, Crocs. Don’t be silly, now."

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Crocs make high heels! That don’t completely suck!


Every time we write about our hatred for Crocs, we get a handful of comments from a small number of people who feel the need to point out that they are SO! COMFORTABLE! As if that makes the total and utter fugliness of them OK. Well, let’s make one thing clear: it’s not OK. There are lots of "really comfy!" shoes out there – you don’t need to wear plastic gardening clogs. In fact, it turns out you can even stick to your beloved Crocs without looking like a mental patient, courtesy of the ‘YOU by Crocs’ line, which applies that oh-so-comfortable sole to shoes that don’t completely suck, like these Top Shelf Patent Leather wedges.  There is no excuse now: be comfortable in normal shoes, not in brightly coloured bits of plastic. The Fashion Police thank you.

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