Croc Hunting: Birmingham


Every day while you’re hard at work or kicking back at home, our Fashion Force are out and about, hunting down those Crimes of Fashion, and making the streets safe and stylish once more. This week, Croc Hunter Jannet has been to Birmingham, where she managed to get this shot of one of the chief enemies of style: the Faux Croc. The bright orange colour and fetching flower embellishments do nothing to make this more appealing to us, but if you think this picture is bad, just wait to see what’s under the jump…


Arrgh! It’s the most dangerous Fashion Criminal of all, the Cloven-Footed Clog! Run, don’t walk from it, my friends…

Our thanks to Jannet for sending these pictures in. Remember, if you’re out and about, we need you to snap any criminal fashion items you happen to see and report them to The Fashion Police!

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