Crimes of Fashion

Crimes of Fashion: High Waisted Jeans

Grey High Waisted Woman's Jeans

OK, OK… Now we know that the Cheap Monday jeans shown above have been selling out all over the shop. We know that, thanks to Kate Moss’s puzzling appearance at London Fashion Week, when she turned up dressed as Simon Cowell, in high waisted jeans and grey T-Shirt, the high waist is back with a vengeance. (Thanks, Kate). But we’re just not buyin’ it. Literally. Take it from us, the high waisted jean flatters (almost) no one. It has the power to make even skinny women look pregnant, and even although its everywhere at the moment, its sheer fugliness is just going to scream “FASHION VICTIM” every time you wear ’em.

But, I mean, it’s up to you, of course. Wear them if you will. Just don’t be surprised when we come and cart you off to Fashion Jail.

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