Crime of Fashion: Terra Plana’s ‘Dopie’ sandals


Thanks to Fashion Police officer Rowan for reporting this particular crime of fashion to our Fashion Police Facebook Group (which, by the way, you should all totally join). They’re by Terra Plana and they’re called ‘Dopie’, which is appropriate, really, considering that you’d have to be a bit of a "dopie" yourself to want to wear them. Now, I’m prepared to accept that these might, just might look better with a pair of feet in them (without feet, it just looks like Donald Duck left his shoes lying around)  but, let’s face it – it’s pretty damn unlikely, isn’t it? What’s a lot more likely is that that  rubber thong thingumie will make you look like you have a cloven hoof, while the Birkenstock-esque
looks both ugly and uncomfortable.

Good work, Rowan – and y’all remember to keep reporting them crimes of fashion

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