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Crime of Fashion: Victoria Beckham’s platform plimsolls


I’ve had these Dries Van Noten platform plimsolls book marked for ages to post as a crime of fashion, but then I came across this picture of Victoria Beckham wearing them at the Dodgers VS Mets game, and read lots of other fashion bloggers bigging them up, so I’m feeling all confused.

I mean, am I wrong here?  To me, there’s something just very wrong about high-heeled sports shoes. Something very wrong indeed. It’s all just very "Spice Girls, circa 1994", and God knows, you’d think ol’ Posh here would know  better than to suddenly start emulating the style of Ginger and Baby, no? The other problem with platform sneakers? Well, it’s just so high-maintenance try-hard isn’t it? I love my high heels just as much as the next woman, but to not be able to even sacrifice them to play sports in just screams "fashion victim!" to me. Maybe we should send in the Fashion Police to rescue her?

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