Tacky Fashion Accessories: Taken/Available necklaces, just like Paris Hilton’s!


These necklaces are "in the style of Paris Hilton", ASOS inform me. Uh-huh. And where is the "totally available but under house arrest" necklace then, I wonder?  Quite apart from the "dressing like a jailbird" aspect of these, I have to say, I can think of few things more tacky than wearing your relationship status around your neck like that. The "taken" one I could almost forgive – actually no, wait a minute, I can’t forgive it. It’s like those t-shirts for newlyweds that say "Just Married!" or "The Mrs!" or some such thing on the front – just a wee bit too smug for words, methinks. The "Available" one, though? Well, I mean, you may as well just hang the word "desperate" around your neck and be done with it, no?

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