Crime of Fashion: Les Chiffoniers spandex leggings with zips

And to think I had just started to reconcile myself to the idea of leggings, too. There I was, thinking, "you know, they could actually look OK with the right kind of dress and shoes" and "maybe I’ve misjudged them". How wrong I was. These spandex numbers by Les Chiffoniers are here to remind us all just what a crime of fashion leggings can be. (They also remind us that there are a lot of rich, stupid people out there who’ll pay £200 for something like this, but I digress…)

As if the idea of leggings wasn’t bad enough on its own, they’ve made these ones out of silver rubber-look spandex. And then they’ve added ZIPS. What’s more, those zips are on the hip area (because, obviously most of us really want to draw attention to our hips, don’t we?), which suggests that  the makers of these leggings didn’t intend us to wear them under a dress, or long top, but wanted the tops of these babies to be on full view. Now there’s a flattering look, no?

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  • October 4, 2008

    S J Lucas

    I suppose these are a little extreme but still sexy, the only real crimes in fashion are platform shoes, flared or bootcut trousers/jeans, low rise anything, culottes and the utterly laughable ‘scort’. All so ugly, so why do women do it?

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