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Crime of Fashion: Croc-like shoes at ASOS. Crocs taking over the world!


You know, I think pretty soon we’re going to have to think about giving Crocs and their derivatives a whole category to themselves here at The Fashion Police, because seriously, the situation is getting out of hand. There I was this morning, happily sipping my coffee and browsing the ASOS site, as you do, when what should I see? CROCS. Or not, as the case may be. These shoes aren’t Croc-branded, and ASOS simply describe them as "jewel trim casual mules", presumably hoping that, by doing so, the shoes will be able to fly under the Fashion Police radar and be accepted. No such luck, though, ASOS: these may have a jewel embellishment and a curvy shape, but if it looks like a Croc and walks like a Croc, well, it’s probably a crime of fashion, isn’t it?

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