Crime of Fashion: The C String

CstringAnother Fashion Police Facebook find for you, folks. This is the C-string, and I don’t know about you, but it’s scaring the bejeus outta me.

The makers of the C String say it’s idea to wear with trousers, dresses – even swimwear. Yes, swimwear. We say it’s so butt-clenchingly horrible that we’d rather just make do with the VPL, thanks very much. I mean, seriously – people are wearing these on the beach? In which country?

It’s available from, whose lingerie expert comments:
"With temperatures already soaring,
C-String is the hottest way to keep cool
this summer. As well as beinsexy, elegant and completely unique, it is
also the nearest to naked a woman can get without going commando."

Sexy? Elegant? We’ll give them "unique" because it’s certainly that, but be honest, guys: would you wear a C-String?

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