Crimes of Fashion, Trousers/Pants

Crime of Fashion: Striped pants by M Missoni


Apologies for the lack of posts over the past few days, folks: internet problems here at Fashion Police HQ have kept us from posting, but fear not – we’ve still been out there, fighting those crimes of fashion. The most recent monstrosities to be taken into Fashion Police custody are these colourful striped pants by M Missoni, which look like they’ve just escaped from the circus, and will make anyone who attempts to wear them look like they’ve just escaped from the circus, too. Or the local lunatic asylum – you choose

Scoop NYC inform us that these also come with "built in underwear". The mind boggles. They’re $395, and if you’re willing to spend that much to look like this, then I’m afraid you’re probably beyond help. Sorry.

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