Crime or Quirky? New Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow sunglasses

Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow sunglasses

One of our dearest wishes in life is to see people actually walking around wearing some of the designs from the Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow sunglasses collection. Preferably LOTS of people, all at the same time. That would be ace.

And yet, we never do. Not even in the larger cities we visit. Why is that, do you suppose? Can there REALLY not be that many people in the world willing to drop $300 on one of these designs? Surely not?

Still, we know that what we find comically ugly, many of you find OMGQUIRKY! and amazeballs, so tell us: would you wear these? Are they quirky, or are they a fashion crime? Perhaps they’re a crime of quirkiness?


  • January 30, 2012


    Here, I spotted black version of the cross-like ones on a blog containing street fashion done by elderly ladies:

    Still, they look pretty damn stupid to me.

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  • January 31, 2012


    I actually think the hands one is interesting and yes, quirky – I could see that working in certain settings. The other two just seem ugly.

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