Crime of Fashion: Wonderjocks


The Fashion Police don’t normally pay too much mind to men’s fashion because, let’s face it – it’s boring. Well, it’s normally boring, anyway. These, though? These are Wonderjocks: because they’re jocks and, well, they contain a wonder.

Wonderjocks are the brainchild of Australian firm aussieBum, who make the (very fair) point that if we women can have Wonderbras, then why can’t men have wonderjocks, too? Well, we’ll tell you why not, assieBum: because it looks ridiculous, that’s why. And also: oh, so disappointing when those wonderful jocks come off. Guys? A sock down your crotch will achieve exactly the same effect. Not, of course, that we’re recommending that one, either…


  • May 6, 2007


    Clearly, this was written by a narcissistic lipstick lesbian.

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  • May 27, 2007


    Hahaha, this posting is too funny! I was laughing so hard! You certainly brighten up my day;)

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  • August 14, 2010


    I’m wondering what happens when you ladies take of that wonderbra, not much of a great sight either I’d suppose when all falls down 😀

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