Crimes of Fashion

Crime of Fashion: Tall and All Khaki Stretch Tie Dye Tall Jacket

We are not sure what is wrong with the people at Tall and All but they are now on our Most Wanted list for persistent crimes against fashion, many of which involve tie-dye.  This jacket is no exception.  It is listed as ‘stertch tie dye’ on the site but we can only assume they mean stretch.  We were horrified to note that a pair of matching trousers is also available so you could buy those and wear them with the jacket and call it a suit.

That was a joke. Please don’t do that, we beg of you.

What do you think though?  Is it likely that tie-dye will ever make a comeback, boosting this jacket into the fashion stratosphere and making it a coveted item?  Or is it destined to remain the crime of fashion that we find it to be today?

If you like it and wish to purchase it, you can do so here for £40.

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