Crimes of Fashion

Crime of Fashion: Stirrup Tights

Stirrup Tights

If there’s one eighties trend that I honestly thought we were safe from – one trend that I would have put money on never coming back to haunt us EVER AGAIN, it would be the stirrup pant. Unflattering, uncomfortable, and just plain old ugly, the stirrup pant is one of the ultimate crimes of fashion – and an unforgivable one at that.

These aren’t stirrup pants. No, these, my friends, are stirrup tights. Nude stirrup tights. How quickly we forget the horrors that the 80s visited upon us. How eager we are to take those horrors and make them even worse. Footless tights are bad enough. Nude coloured footless tights are almost too awful to contemplate. Nude coloured footless tights with stirrups? I have no words…

What’s worst about all of this, though? People are paying £42 for these…

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