Crime of Fashion: Skinny acid-wash jeans with lattice sides

skinny jeans with lattice sides

There are so many things wrong with these jeans we’re just amazed they’re not being worn with a pair of peep toe boots. Then again, perhaps the stylist figured the crime was such a blatant one, we wouldn’t need the Peep Toe Boot Rule to be able to identify it?

Of all of the things that boggle our minds about these jeans, though, the one we keep coming back to right now is how much worse they’d look with blue-tinged, gooseflesh legs peeking out from the “lattice” part. Because how on earth could you wear them at this time of year without freezing your ass – and legs – off?

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  • November 5, 2012


    Just make sure you don’t look north when the wind is in the west. Or keep your man to your left side, preferably a big, cuddly bear type. Or just bash the designer’s idea and wear bright-colored tights underneath. You can always cut off the right leg of the tights if you feel too constricted.

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