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Crime of Fashion: Robot leggings

We thought the fringe leggings we arrested this morning would be the worse thing we’d have to show you today, but then we stumbled across these at Nasty Gal, and thought for a moment that it was April 1st all over again:

black leggings with padded sections on legs

This is no joke though, officers: those really are a pair of black leggings with knee-holes. Oh yeah, AND THE REST. “The rest” in this case takes the form of those strange, silver padded sections attached to the legs:

padded leggings

Nasty Gal call them “robot leggings”. Which is certainly one way to describe them, although we’re sure you can think of others. They even managed to distract us from the shoes, and that’s no mean feat.

While we’re on the subject of Nasty Gal and their leggings, though:

suspender leggings

Leggings, $58

Hey, remember the days when people used to get dressed before leaving the house? Like, in actual CLOTHES? We miss those days…

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