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Crime of Fashion: Givenchy red knee high boots

givenchy red knee high boots

Oh hey, look! A post box without an opening for the mail! How odd.

Or… is it?

red knee high boots

Well, how ’bout that? They’re boots. Red, knee-high, £1,500 could-totally-pass-for-a-pair-of-post-boxes boots.

Don’t believe us?

red heel on Givenchy boots

They have a hidden heel. Totally makes sense now, doesn’t it? And while normally our Footwear Impostors are shoes pretending to be socks, or some other form of footwear, we have to admit, we’re impressed by the creativity that led these ones to impersonate post boxes.

Just not so impressed we’re willing to overlook the fact that they’re a clear crime of fashion, obviously…

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