Crime of Fashion: Striped dress by What Goes Around Comes Around


I’m trying really hard to imagine what kind of event you might wear a dress like this to, but I’m coming up with nothing, here folks. I would say "bed", but I’m guessing most people under the age of 70 probably don’t go in much for the "Wee Willie Winkie" bedtime look, do they? All this model needs is a bed cap and a tall candle and she’ll be ready to step right back into the Grimm fairytale she looks like she just stepped out of. What’s even more weird about this, though, is that the rest of the What Goes Around Comes Around line is actually pretty cute – then there’s this. It’s currently reduced from $160 to $48. I wonder why?


  • August 27, 2007


    It reminds me of Joseph’s rainbow coat, from the Bible story.

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  • August 31, 2007


    seriously? that’s a dress? well, i guess it’s a bit long for a swimsuit cover-up and too bulky for a night gown. maybe I could see it as a kind of robe to wear while drinking your coffee out on your deck with the view of mt. tamalpais…

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  • September 3, 2007


    I was thinking exactly the same with the joseph thing. Technicolour dream dress 😉 I actually subconsiously started humming the tune to Any Dream Will Do

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