Crime of Fashion: Printed leggings


Leggings are getting out of hand. We were willing to turn a bit of a blind eye to them when they only came in shades of black or brown, and were mostly being worn in the winter, under dresses and with boots. We were even willing to pretend we hadn’t noticed their "being worn in bright, primary colours" crimes. "They’ll have their fun then they’ll clear the hell off for another fifteen years or so," we thought. "And anyway, sometimes leggings can look cute. Oh yes they can."

We can ignore the leggings no longer. The leggings, you see, are getting bold – literally. They’re getting too big for their boots, hmm? They’re starting to show up in wild and kerrrazy prints, like these ones from Promod.  With their  white background and  Pucci-influenced  print, these babies are your ticket straight to Thunderthigh City. And the beige parts right next to the inner thigh? Kinda makes it look like those bits are bare, no?

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