Crime of Fashion: Marc by Marc Jacobs’ scary Yeti boots

MarcjacobsbootsOh, Marc. It’s just one extreme to the other with you right now, isn’t it? One minute you’re all "I want to be an artist. With, like, really Dali-esque, post-modern designs. Or something." Then the next minute you’re all, "Nah, screw that: here’s some boots Britney Spears probably wouldn’t even wear because they’re that ugly – suck it up, bitches!"

In fairness, Marc, these boots aren’t new, so it could be that you’ve turned a  corner here. But all the same: also available in blue? With "peek-a-boo" fur? The hell? "You’ll be looking fierce in these funky knee-high boots!" says Zappos. Well, I’m certainly feeling fierce after looking at them. Does that count?

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