Crimes of Fashion

Crime of Fashion: Tie up ballet peds – “footie socks” with a bow


OK, would someone care to explain this to me? Hello? Someone? Anyone? I mean, I know there has to be a reasonable explanation why you’d want to buy yourself a pair of "footie socks" (and is it just me, or does that phrase make you cringe, too?) with bows at the ankles, but I’m darned if I know what it is. Bear in mind that these aren’t cotton socks – no, they’re actually nylon, like tights. And while I can almost  understand why people wear those little "pop sock" things that are designed to look like you have bare feet in your shoes (I’m not saying I’m down with them, you understand, just that I can see why people might think they were a good idea), I have absolutely no idea why you’d want to draw attention to your pop socks by putting an ankle strap on them, can you?

Tie-up ballet peds at Urban Outfitters

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