Crime of Fashion? | Sass & Bide Fall In Fall Out Jeans

Sass & Bide jeans with mesh panels on the thighs

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We’re honestly not sure what made us add the question mark in the title of this post. Seriously: we try our best to be fair to the items of clothing we bring in for questioning  – to give them the benefit of the doubt, and to be mindful of the fact that that style is, at the end of the day, simply a matter of personal taste, and one officer’s Crime of Fashion can be another’s Most Wanted item.

This, however, is really an open-and-shut case. YES, these jeans are, indeed, a crime of fashion. Maybe not the biggest crime we’ve ever uncovered, and certainly not the eye-searingly ugly kind. But still: when an item of clothing makes you stop in your tracks, stare at it and wonder aloud about the type of scenario in which these jeans would be the most appropriate outfit choice, there’s a really good chance that item is probably a crime of fashion.

As far as the mystery of where they’d be worn goes, well, Shopbop tell us these have a “sci fi edge”, which at least gives us SOME clue as to where they might be worn. They’d be worn in some future, fictional universe in which the climate is such that people have very cold legs, but very warm thighs and calves. Or perhaps by people who just really, really like their thighs, and who want to make sure they get the maximum exposure possible, even on days when they’re wearing jeans. As we said, one woman’s fashion crime, another woman’s closet hero. After all, there has to be SOMEONE out there looking at this image right now and thinking, “FINALLY! I’ve been searching EVERYWHERE for jeans with mesh panels on the thighs and calves: thanks, Sass & Bide!”

If you’re that person, these are $350, and you can find them at Shopbop: enjoy!

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  • October 1, 2013


    As a veteran of science fiction conventions and an award winning costume designer, I say you should lock these up for fraud. No one is wearing these, now or in the future.

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