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Doll Bras – creepy faces for your breasts


Breasts. Boobs. Lovely lady lumps. Whatever. They’re all well and good, you know, but wouldn’t they be so much better if they had, oh, let’s see, a couple of scary doll faces staring out of them, say? No? What do you mean, “no”? If you don’t think that sounds like a good idea, then there would be no need for Doll Bras to exist in the world, and as Doll Bras most certainly do exist in the world, then we can only assume that people are buying them. And wearing them. And walking around with little creepy doll faces attached to their boobs. No, we don’t understand why either. And we’re scared.

Seriously, wouldn’t you be scared if you looked in the mirror and suddenly your breasts had faces? It’s like the plot of some crappy horror movie, but trust us, folks: this is no movie. This is real life, and in real life, people are dressing themselves in such a way that their breasts appear to have faces. We couldn’t make it up, could we?

Doll Bras are available for the bargain price of $42 each, and you get to choose your own “character” and the colour of the feather boa surrounding it. Sound good? Buy yours here, then proceed straight to the Fashion Police jail. Do not pass “Go”. Do not collect $200…

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