Fashion Accessories: Cosy Christmas Cashmere from Eric Bompard


Fashionaccessories_5The miserable winter weather is not without its compensations, and one of those is the opportunity to snuggle up in soft cashmere fashion accessories. Of course, a cashmere coat or dress would be lovely, but for now I’m more than happy with the hat and gloves set from Eric Bompard which I took delivery of early this morning. These are 100% cashmere accessories, made of wool so soft you just want to hold it up against your cheek and stroke it – which is exactly what I did.

The colours are warm and vibrant or soft and muted, depending on your taste, and with almost thirty to choose between, you can’t say you’re not spoiled for choice. This is a French company which sells over 400,000 pieces in France each year, and now they’ve just opened a UK online clothing store, so those of us across the channel get to sample some of that famous French style. I already have my eyes on several more pieces, including this fabulous ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ style coat, which looks like the older, more sophisticated sister of the red coat from Forever 21 which I was drooling over yesterday. Well, a girl ca dream…

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