Costume National make stiletto boots complete with stair counter


Stilettos and stairs. They don’t really go together, do they? Nor does the thought of doing exercise in a pair of pointy-toed, platform soled, scarily high heeled boots. Costume National beg to differ, though. They reckon stilettos and stairs go together just fine, thanks very much, which is presumably why they’ve decided to put a stair counter in the ankle of these new boots of theirs, which will be available to buy from this September. Will you be queuing up for them, or will you just be sticking to good old sneakers for those times when you want to count your steps?

[via Gizmodo]

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CoSTUME NATIONAL launches a fashion blog


It’s always good to see a new fashion blog on the block, but when the blog in question gives its readers an insight into the day to day life of a fashion designer and his team, it becomes even more interesting…

The blog in question is the newly launched CoSTUME NATIONAL blog, and as fashion blogs go, this is one of the most impressive designs we’ve seen, with each entry showing a snapshop of the CoSTUME NATIONAL diary, which allows readers to follow  Ennio Capasa and his team around the world. There’s also street style photos and an opportunity to join the CoSTUME NATIONAL community – this is pretty cool, because when you sign up and select a gravatar for your profile, your picture will appear underneath the CoSTUME NATIONAL logo, at the top of the site.

As well as giving an insight into the workings of a fashion studio (you can read updates from the team’s Twitter profiles as well as their blog entries), the CoSTUME NATIONAL blog also gives you access to information such as the dates and times of the label’s next casting calls (they’re currently looking for people for their next advertising campaign). If you’d like to get even more involved in the blog, you can even send in your photo to be featured in the street style section, which is always interesting…

Visit the blog here.

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