Fashion Fraud Squad: ‘Cosmic’ shoulder dress from Topshop and Ark

toshop-shoulder-dressOur Fraud Squad is most often called in to deal with cases of high street brands copying designers – sorry, we mean “being inspired” by them – but sometimes it’s more a case of “high street copies inspired by high street”, as you can see above.

We showed you Topshop’s ‘Cosmic’ shoulder dress on Kim Kardashian a few weeks ago, and did a double-take when we spotted what we thought was the same dress at Ark Clothing this week. We still can’t really spot the difference between these two, but there is a difference in price, at least: the Topshop dress is £38, while the Ark version is less than half that, at £16.99.

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  • September 25, 2009


    I think that the ark dress looks better-fabric-wise.
    althogh i think i spot a risk of transparency on both of them.
    that’s this kind of fabric that when streched becomes transparent…

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