Dress of the Day: Contrast button shift dress from River Island

Dresses_2 Simple, stylish, classic – and sure, it’s a black shift dress, so some of you will probably think “boring” is a more appropriate word for this River Island dress, but we don’t care: after all that neon we’ve just been looking at, “simple” is starting to sound good to us right about now.

This is a really useful dress to have in your closet, and at £29.99 it’s not too expensive, either. And hey, at least it’s not bright yellow or green!

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  • January 31, 2008


    This is probably just me, but I think it’s pretty boring, especially for a ‘dress of the day’. Still, I can see how people can think it’s classy, and with the right accessories it could probably be really chic!

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  • January 31, 2008

    The Fashion Police

    Yeah, it is a bit… It’s actually harder than you’d think to come up with something show-stopping every day, though, so sometimes classic-but-dull wins out. If you have any suggestions for Dress of the Day, though, we’d be glad to hear them 🙂

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