Confused clothing: the Current/Elliott Skinny Cargo Mid-rise jeans

current elliott skinny cargo mid-rise jeans

The clue is in the name. Are they Skinnies? Are they Cargos? Are they Mid-rise? Or are they trying really hard to be all three at once?

Call us old-fashioned, but we like our jeans to serve a purpose. We want them to be glam or casual, to offer a smooth line or a baggy silhouette. We have skinnies for the smooth, glam days and cargo pants for the casual baggy ones…

But maybe that’s just us. Does the idea of multi-purpose denim tickle your fashion fancy? If so you can pick these up at Net-a-Porter for £215.

(Although, if you do, we’d really like to know if you manage to fit anything in those skin-tight, cargo-pant pockets without looking like you’re wearing a couple of saddlebags…)

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