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Comme des Garcons cropped hybrid waistcoat/jacket

We’re always very suspicious when we see the word “hybrid” applied to items of clothing. Most of the time, you see, we just don’t WANT our clothes to be “hybrids”. We either want a jacket or a waistcoat, not something that tries to be both, and ends up being neither, which was the sad fate of this Comme des Garcons… jacoat? Waistket? What would you call something like this, anyway?

With one arm off and one arm on, plus a band to hold it all together, it looks like it’s been subjected to a particularly violent attack, poor thing. Don’t worry, Fashion Police officers are investigating as we write this. If you’d like to offer the item a safe house, where it’ll be safe from further attacks, however, you can buy it for £309 at Far Fetch. We’re sure it’ll be very grateful.

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