Comme des Fashion Criminals


Comme des Garcons, S/S 08

Always remember, though, dahlinks: it’s not clothing – it’s art. All the same, I bet this stuff will go down a treat in the pubs and clubs of Glasgow next year. I can just see it, now: everyone with their white-painted faces and their clown clothes, the ruffles on their brightly coloured clothes lifting gently in the summer breeze… Another hit for Comme des Garcons!  Or actually, no, I can’t see that happening at all. I just made it up. Thank God we don’t have to actually wear this "art" is all I can say!


  • October 3, 2007


    Hey, I would pay good money to see these! Especially if they were throwing buckets of glitter over each other, chucking custard pies and riding tiny cars!
    In fact, I think I saw at least one of these two on the Royal Mile this summer…

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  • October 4, 2007

    Canadian Tar Heel

    Ha. Pretty funny blog. Et merci pour l’image d’une crime de la mode.

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  • October 5, 2007


    Surely un crime du cirque, non? 🙂

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