Comfort or fashion: what’s your shoe style?

Ugg_boots_shudooAs most of our regular readers know, The Fashion Police are big fans of heels, and the higher the better. We’re well known for our impractical footwear choices, and will generally choose style over comfort every time, although we have to admit that when it comes to walking the police dog on a cold, dark winter morning, we’re probably going to leave the stilettos at home and go for something warm and comfortable instead.

Which side of the shoe fence do you sit on, though? Do you go for the high heels and big platforms of something like the ‘Aries’ platforms above, by  Terry de Havilland, or do you shun the stiletto in favour of the comfort of a good pair of Ugg boots or something similar? What’s your shoe style?

(Both of the shoes pictured above are available from

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