Fabulous winter coats from Forever 21


Now, this is the kind of thing that just makes me sick. For at least two months now, I’ve been engaged in a fruitless search for a new winter coat. And I don’t ask for much: just something cute and stylish – a little bit of "quirky" would be good too, but I won’t insist on it. The problem is that such a thing doesn’t appear to exist in Great Britain at the moment. No, all we’ve got is a selection of dull old pea coats and trenches (which are stylish, yes, but warm, no) in shades of boring black and grey. Nothing has grabbed my attention at all so far, so it’s ironic that when I do finally find something approximating my PWC (Perfect Winter Coat), I would find it on the website of Forever 21, who don’t ship to the UK.

I love both of the coats above: the red ‘Mallory’ lady coat is totally the wrong colour for me, but I love the "Little Red Riding Hood" look of it, while the taupe ‘Amanda’ coat has seduced me with its big buttons and tight cuffs. The $49.80 price tag suggests these may not be the warmest fabrics around, but I like ’em. It’s just a shame I can’t buy ’em…

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