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Clothes-That-Are-Stuck-Together: McQ cotton scarf t-shirt


We’ve discussed the merits of clothes that are stuck together before here, and we tend to go back and forth on the issue. While we’re starting to come round to the idea of skirts with pre-attached tops, say (they’re basically just dresses, and at least you don’t have to worry about your shirt coming un-tucked), we’re still just a little perplexed by examples like the one above which is – yes – a t-shirt with a scarf attached to it.

Now, we’re not saying this looks bad. It doesn’t. But surely people can be trusted to sling a scarf around their necks all by themselves, without Alexander McQueen needing to step in and do it for them? Surely? And, given that this scarf is attached to a t-shirt, it’s presumably supposed t be worn in reasonably warm weather, so what happens when your neck gets warm? Wouldn’t it be a little embarrassing to have people say “Well, take off your scarf if you’re too warm then!” and be forced to answer, “Umm, I can’t, it’s attached to my shirt.” It reminds us of the way parents sometimes sew their children’s gloves to the sleeves of their coats: great idea for toddlers, little bit embarrassing once you’re old enough to dress yourself, no?

This little combo costs £205, so, taking the above points into consideration, we’d ilike to urge Alexander McQueen to just sell the scarf on its own, and let us buy our own black t-shirts to wear with it. It’ll be cheaper AND more versatile: everyone’s a winner, baby! (Well, everyone except Alexander McQueen. Sorry, Mr M.)

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