Crimes of Fashion

Crime of Fashion: Clothes That Are Stuck Together

Clothes That Are Stuck Together

I don’t know, maybe it’s me (Is it me? Say it’s not me.) but clothes like this just bother me. And it’s not the clothes themselves. No, that’s a nice enough shirt, and that’s a pretty inoffensive tank top over it. The problem with this? THEY ARE STUCK TOGETHER, people. Stuck together. WHY? And why does this bother me so much? It’s like… it’s like wearing fake clothes, and by “fake”, I don’t mean “they’re not actually designer”, I mean “they’re not actually clothes.” They’re just pretending. And imagine the conversations they’d inspire.

Person in Stuck-Together-Clothes: You know, it’s a little warm in here
Person in Normal Clothes: Well, take off your tank top
PISTC: Umm, I can’t. It’s stuck to my shirt
PINC: ….

Just say no, kids. (And if you have to say yes, get this particular C.O.F at River Island).

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