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Clothes-That-Are-Stuck-Together-Crimes: Preppy Chic Sweater Tunic from Forever 21


If you hadn't read the headline of this post, you may well have wondered how this came to end up in our Crimes of Fashion category. After all, compared to some of the stuff we've put in there, this is positively tame. In fact, it's even quite cute. Sure, the model looks like she totally forgot her pants, and THAT'S always embarrassing, but even so: it's a cardigan over a shirt – hardly the fashion crime of the century, is it?

Well, no. But this is no ordinary cardigan, and that's no ordinary shirt. Because the two are as one. Yes, they're STUCK TOGETHER. We really hate that.

If you don't, however, this (we almost wrote "these", but of course, that would be wrong) will set you back $24.80 at Forever 21.

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