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Clothes That Are Attached to Accessories: the natural extension of stuck-together clothes

Never forget your necklace again

For almost as long as The Fashion Police has existed, we’ve been fighting the good fight against Stuck Together Clothes, and wondering just why it is that fashion designers seem to believe we’re too stupid to know which sweater goes with which shirt ourselves, and need them to make that decision for us – and then to stitch the two items together, just to make sure we don’t get it wrong.

Now, however, it seems the Stuck Together Clothes movement is expanding to include accessories. That purple top you see above you? The necklace is attached to it. Because there’s just NO WAY we peons could’ve chosen a necklace to wear with that top ourselves, is there? No, we need Ella Moss to do it for us. And she has. The combination is available to buy at Revolve Clothing, where it’s $78 in the sale. We wouldn’t call it a crime of fashion, because the end result isn’t ugly, but it does make us wonder what other new frontiers of stuck-togetherness are waiting to be discovered this year?

[Thanks to Selina of Pretty Clever for the link!]
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