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Cleavage: How Much is Too Much?

Lindsay Lohan in a low cut dress

Our posts about Christina Hendricks’ breasts over the past couple of days got us wondering where you guys stand on the cleavage issue. This seems to be one of those questions which divides people, because whereas the first post had many of you commenting that the cleavage was “too much”, the follow-up attracted a few “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”, and “her breasts are great: why should she hide them?” comments: where’s the happy medium, we wonder? Is there one?

Just to clarify: Christina Hendricks does, indeed, have a fabulous figure – no one is denying that. But we think there does come a point when “flaunting” crosses a line into vulgarity, and we’re wondering where that line begins. For us, probably at the point where you look at someone’s outfit and don’t really notice what they’re wearing, because all you can think is “WHOA! BOOBS!” Or when the breasts appear to be trying to escape a too-small dress.

What do you think? How much cleavage is too much cleavage? And is Lindsay Lohan, above, crossing that line?

[Image: CWNY/Fame Pictures]
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