Fashion Trends | City Shorts are back for summer 2014

It’s probably wrong to describe city shorts as a “fashion trend”. For one thing, well, they’re city shorts: they’ve been around forever, and they’ll probably be around forever more. For another thing… did we mention they’re city shorts? They’re not exactly the type of thing we’d normally use the word “trendy” to describe, are they?

fashion trends | city shorts

All shorts: Dorothy Perkins

Make no mistake, though: city shorts are currently enjoying something of a surge in popularity, and are starting to appear in this season’s pastel colours, as well as the more usual blacks and navys. This, naturally, makes us wonder what you think of them, but before we get to that, let’s answer the obvious question…

What ARE city shorts, anyway?

The image above really tells you everything you need to know here, but just in case it doesn’t, city shorts are basically a smart/casual take on the Bermuda short. Hitting just above the knee, and with a slim-cut (but not TOO slim-cut leg), they’re the kind of thing you’d wear on a warm day if you didn’t want to wear a skirt or dress and short shorts were out of the question. The name might suggest that city shorts are designed to be worn for city-based activities, or to work in an office, say: well, the latter will depend very much on where you work – they’d probably be a little too casual for some workplaces, but could be perfectly acceptable as “business casual”, if styled correctly. Speaking of which…

How do you wear city shorts?

The main issue people have with this style of short is that it can look a little frumpy, if you’re not careful. To avoid the “tourist” look, our advice is to pay careful attention to your footwear and accessories: heels or ballet flats will look more polished than sneakers, say, and a well-cut blazer or cute cardigan will also help dress the shorts up if you’re thinking of wearing them to the office.

What do you think of city shorts? Do they get a Yay or a Nay?

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