Citizen’s Arrest: The Croc Keychain

Croc keychain

Croc keychain

Because there are just too many fashion criminals out there for The Fashion Police to handle on our own, we’re sometimes forced to rely on our readers to make citizen’s arrests when they spot a crime being committed right under their nose.

This particular arrest was made by Fashion Police reader Sarah, who spotted this Croc key-chain at her local WalMart. Clearly the shoes weren’t horrifying enough – now people want to actually hang plastic shoes from their keyrings. We despair. Crocs on a key chain: scarier than snakes on a plane any day…

Spotted a Fashion Crime in your area? Snap a quick photo on your phone and email it to us. Together we’ll fight those crimes of fashion! (P.S. – Please don’t send us photos of people, though – clothes and accessories only!)

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