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Ciara shows flagrant disregard for the “cleavage OR legs” rule of fashion


Ciara! It’s short skirt OR low cut top, not both! It’s one of the most basic rules of style, you know, but your appearance here at the Annual Hip-Hop Action Summit Network Awards (catchy name, huh?) in an outfit which just skims the crotch, but still bares the boobs, makes us wonder if this so-called "rules" is perhaps becoming obsolete…

The Case for the Defense:

If anyone has the figure to flash both boobs AND legs, it’s Ciara. She’s young, she’s got a great figure, why shouldn’t she flaunt it? And you know, she is at an awards ceremony, not just walking down the street dressed like this.

The Case for the Prosecution:

If she was just walking down the street in this outfit, it probably wouldn’t be The Fashion Police she’d have to worry about, know what we mean? You’d never see Audrey Hepburn dressed like this, is all we’re sayin’… 

Over to you, The Jury: do you think the "legs or cleavage, never both" rule is outdated, or do you think it’s still best to leave a little something to the imagination.

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