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Christopher Kane embroidered silk and satin sandals: almost as ugly Crocs

Christopher Kane silk and satin sandals

When you read the words “silk and satin sandals” in the headline of this post, you probably weren’t expecting THESE, were you? And we don’t know about you, jurors, but if WE were going to be spending £706 on a pair of shoes, we probably wouldn’t want them to look like a cross between a toddler shoe and an old lady shoe. Which these do.

(And yeah, yeah, WE KNOW: they’ll be So! Comfy! Just like Crocs! But honestly, we don’t care about the So! Comfy! because, like Crocs, these are So! Ugly! they almost make our eyes bleed. There are other ways, readers! “Comfortable” doesn’t HAVE to go hand-in-hand with “ugly”: step into the light, and away from the Frankenshoes…)

This does beg an important question, however: why ARE comfortable shoes often ugly? Answers in the comments box…

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