Christopher Kane for Topshop – your opinions?


Another week, another designer diffusion line for Topshop…

Most of you weren’t impressed with the Jonathan Saunders line, but what will you make of these pieces by Christopher Kane? Personally, I think these are the kind of clothes I’d really need to see on an actual person to be able to make an informed opinion on, because I suspect that the photography here isn’t doing them too many favours. With that said, I think I just might like the leather bodice dress on the right, although the cut out shirt dress on the left looks straight out of the Little Dress Shop of Horrors, especially for anyone with love handles to hide.

What do you think of these dresses?

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Christopher Kane is upset because Victoria Beckham wears his clothes, needs to get over himself

VictoriabeckhamchristopheCatwalk Queen reports today that designer Christopher Kane was apparently none too happy to see Victoria Beckham pictured wearing one of his dresses. (So he’ll be horrified to see the picture on the left, then, of Victoria in… one of his dresses. Because Christopher Kane totally reads The Fashion Police, you know*). Oh boo hoo, poor Christopher, woe is he!

"I don’t want to sound presumptuous," says Kane, sounding presumptious, "but I’ve worked too hard for my
stuff to be seen on the front of the Sun newspaper. I couldn’t do anything about it, to be
honest. She wanted to borrow something, but I said no, so she went out
and bought it. I’ve got nothing against her, but she’s not the woman I
imagine wearing my dresses. I think more of women like Carine Roitfeld
because she’s sexy and intelligent. Posh Spice doesn’t even get a


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