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Today we’re continuing our look at Christmas party outfits from some of our favourite high street retailers, so if you’re looking for some party outfit inspiration, read on…

Topshop is a GREAT shopping destination for very trendy pieces aimed at the late teens/early twenties set – think sequined shorts, playsuits, that kind of thing. (And no, we’re not saying everyone in that age group likes/wears those particular items, just that that’s the demographic Topshop mainly caters to!). It’s not generally thought of as a source of classic style, but we’ve actually been really impressed by some of this season’s offerings, and didn’t have any trouble tracking down some Christmas party outfits which DON’T include shresses, hotpants or, God forbid, that Meadham Kirchhoff playsuit.

Christmas Party Outfits from Topshop

Christmas Party Outfits from Topshop

Outfit 1: Full Skirt and Crop Top

Full skirts, as you know by now, are “in” this season, but this kind of retro-inspired look is ALWAYS “in” as far as we’re concerned. We wouldn’t be able to resist wearing this with a beehive updo and flicked black liner, but that’s just us. We also could’t resist adding the bra to this outfit, even although no one would actually see it: well, it was just too perfect a match to ignore… (This skirt is also available in navy and ochre, if you’re not keen on the baby blue, but sizes are limited, so you better act fast.)


Topshop Christmas party outfit

Outfit 2: The Shift Dress

For those who prefer their hem lengths a little shorter, this embellished shift dress is on the expensive side at £160, but is beautifully embroidered, and the kind of thing you don’t see everyday. We’ve paired the shorter length with slightly lower heels than usual, and because of all the embellishment, it doesn’t need much more than that in the way of accessories.

Christmas party outfit from Topshop

Outfit 3: The Bodycon dress

Va-VOOM! Who says midi dresses have to be frumpy? This one is anything but, but we have to ‘fess up here that it’s currently sold-out on the website, so if you love it, you may have to look for it in store. If blue is your colour, and you have the confidence to pull off the bright colour and the bodycon shape, we’d say it’ll probably be worth the search…

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