Five Under Fifty: Christmas Dresses

5 Christmas dresses under £50

Well, we can ignore it no longer: the emails declaring that “Christmas is just around the corner!” are growing in number on a daily basis, so we guess we may as well bow to the inevitable and start looking for a Christmas party dress. We should probably make a start on the Christmas shopping, too, but then again, what else is Christmas Eve for?

(We’re joking. Maybe.)

Anyway, we know many of our readers are on a budget right now, so when we sent our officers out to hunt down five Christmas dresses for you, we imposed a £50 budget per dress on them. We’re mean like that.

When it comes to buying a party dress on a serious budget, our main tip is to keep it simple. There are exceptions to every rule, of course, and we’ve tried to find some for you in this roundup, but in general, the fussier, or more embellished a dress is, the harder it is to get away with cheap fabrics or less-than-steller workmanship. Bright colours can also tend to look garish on very cheap items, so if you’re on a serious budget, don’t be afraid to stick to the little black dress, which can be made to look good with the help of a few accessories.

All of that said, here are five dresses under £50, in a range of different styles: click on the image for product information!

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  • November 23, 2011


    I guess I’m going to H&M soon to find me that pink dress. Although the sequined one from Zara is gorgeous as well.

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