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Christina Hendricks’ breasts would like to thank you

Christina Hendricks in black top and white pencil skirt

“Hi, Fashion Police readers, it’s Christina Hendricks’ breasts here.

We don’t know how to thank you. Just yesterday, we were on the point of giving up completely. There we were, the helpless prisoners of that satin dress: held down and trapped in its death-like grip. We were doing our best to break free – in fact, we’d made it almost as far as Christina’s chin – but we could get no further. And honestly, everyone was pointing and staring, and we just felt STUPID, really. “When will she stop doing this?” we asked each other. “We know we’re SUPER AWESOME and all, but there’s more to Christina than just us. When will she realise that she doesn’t HAVE to get us out every chance she gets? WHEN?”

Anyway, it was your words that finally set us free. “Christina Hendricks’ bosom looks ridiculous,” said Nina. “Sometimes less is more,” agreed Sima. “My boobs are feeling sympathy pain just looking at her poor squashed girls,” said Zoe. And somehow, SOMEHOW the message got through, because here’s Christina at an event last night, and LOOK! You can’t even see us, can you? We were so comfortable under that black turtleneck, we can’t even tell you! And sure, some other parts of Christina were complaining BITTERLY about this look, but sure, you can’t have everything, can you?

Christina Hendricks’ breasts

[Image: Fame Pictures]
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