Sexy And They Know It: Christian Louboutin’s ‘Sex’ pumps

Christian Louboutin Sex pumps

There is a saying The Fashion Police love. The saying goes that if you have to say it, you ain’t it. So all those tops with the word “BABE!” on the front (usually in glitter, or pink crystals, or some other such thing)? Are generally a really good sign that the wearer ain’t no babe. Because if you ARE a babe? You don’t NEED to say it.

We have a feeling Christian Louboutin’s ‘Sex’ pumps may fall into this category. See, they’d be sexy WITHOUT the word “SEX” emblazoned on the toe. They’re basically Pigalle pumps, after all, and Pigalles are pretty darn sexy.

Does the text ruin the effect a little, though? Unlike the Louboutin “Love” pumps (Which, unsurprisingly, spelt out “Love” in much the same way), some might argue that it’s just a tad vulgar to walk around with the word SEX on your feet. What do you think? Do these say SEX to you, or do they say, “Hey, we’d look better without this stupid writing on our toes?”

Christian Louboutin Sex pumps

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  • January 31, 2012


    LOVE them! So sexy and elegant, the way the writing is done – not up front “in your face” obvious but slightly inward – is tasteful and subtle, making it look simply like a very pretty embellished detail that adds a subtle “SEX” touch. I`m on board with these.

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  • February 3, 2012


    I don’t like them. I think that at some point, too sexy becomes not sexy. It’s the line between beautiful woman that every man WANTS to kiss and beautiful woman that every man HAS kissed… And I think walking around with the word “sex” emblazoned on any visible part of your clothing in public puts you, at least in the minds of people watching, into the second category.

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  • February 4, 2012


    I agree. It’s a bit tacky.

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