Cheap-As-Chips Metallic Ballet Flats. You Know You Want Them…

Metallic Ballet Flats

Either my feet keep changing size or there’s something seriously wrong with shoe sizing in this country. For most of my early teens, I was a UK size 5. By the time I headed off to university, though, I had shrunk! Or my feet had, anyway. Suddenly I was a UK size 4, and I remained that way right up until last month when I popped into first Matalan and then New Look on what I like to think of as a “drive-by shoe-buy”.

The Drive-By Shoe-Buy basically involves heading into a store, grabbing a cute pair of shoes, paying (Always remember the “paying” bit, kids…) and then heading back out, without so much as trying them on. For a long time, this worked perfectly well for me. I was a standard size 4, so if I bought shoes in a size 4, they’d fit. Until recently.

I hit up Matalan, who were doing a “Two pairs of ballet flats for £12” offer. Well, who am I to resist that kind of bribe. I drove by, and I shoe-buyed. Bought. I bought my size fours, got them home, and – oops! – they were too big. I was stepping out of them when I walked. I went back and bought the size threes – OUCH. Ouch, ouch, ouch. (Also: GOD, why am I so stupid?)

No matter, though, for New Look, they did have a sale, and in the sale were some gold ballet flats, for £7. Seven. Pounds. Those babies were mine. For all the good they were, though, I’d have probably been better off just taking the £7 and tying it to my feet. Too small? Oh hell yes.

Why am I telling you this? I can’t remember. Oh, wait, I got it: the upshot of all of this is that I still need some new ballet flats, and so, my friends, do you, because let’s face it, you can never have too many pairs of little metallic ballet flats, can you?

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