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Cheap Monday’s duct tape bodycon dress: an easy DIY project

Duct Tape: this year's must-have accessory

Cheap Monday are really loving duct tape this season. First there was that confusing, and potentially embarrassing, mesh top, and now they bring us this duct tape embellished dress, which Shopbop describe as “a cheeky take on the bandage dress”, and which we describe as “what clothes will look like after the apocalypse”.

Regardless of how we feel about this dress, though, we can’t help feeling you could easily recreate the look at home, DIY style. All you’ll need is an old dress plus a roll of duct tape et voila, you’ll be “bang on trend” (sorry!). Mind you, given that this isn’t too expensive, at $60, you may well prefer just to let Cheap Monday do the “hard” work for you. Would you buy this? If so, get it at Shopbop.

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