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Cheap Monday tries to bring back 90s jeans

90s jeans

Cheap Monday describe these as “mega 90s jeans“.

Now, it might just be us, but The Fashion Police lived through the 90s, and, indeed, wore jeans for much of that decade, and we don’t remember seeing many people walking around like this. Then again, The Fashion Police have never been edgy or “bang on trend”, so that might be why.

And, OK, the high waistband is definitely very 90s. One thing’s for sure: if you weren’t a pear shape at the start of that decade, you would have been one by the end of it: or at least, until you took your jeans off, that is.

It’s just… we don’t remember 90s jeans being this unflattering, can you? And if you weren’t around to witness 90s fashion for yourselves, what do you think of these now?

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